• Natural composition
  • Full effect of health improvement
  • Guaranteed results

Matcha Slim


  • Absorbs fat and converts into energy
  • Eliminates waste and toxins from body
  • Suppresses appetite and provides energy
  • Removes excess fluid from body
  • Produces dopamine (hormone of happiness)
Guaranteed results at any age

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Matcha Slim is the secret of slim sexy stars that gives energy and is also delicious

The most popular weight loss product with international celebrities!

Moraa Otieno, Nutrition Advisor for Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock recommends taking Matcha Slim instead of a snack and/ or meal to lose weight quickly. It stimulates metabolism, gives energy to lead a full life, and also boosts your figure. Simply replace meals with this product for a month to achieve amazing results.

  • I thought I’d be fat and sad forever, but thanks to
    Matcha Slim now I’m slim and happy!

    Reginah, 28 years old

    Personnel manager

    She was taking Matcha Slim for 29 days

    Outcome: -32 lb

  • I always wore loose clothing to hide my body. With Matcha Slim I can wear figure-hugging short skirts – I feel great!

    Stella, 39 years old


    She was taking Matcha Slim for 37 days

    Outcome: -26 lb

  • Thanks to Matcha Slim I got a six-pack in just one month! It's a miracle - and no dieting either!

    Louise, 24 years old


    She was taking Matcha Slim for 31 days

    Outcome: -19 lb

  • Matcha Slim helped me get rid of my post-pregnancy weight. I’m so happy to have regained my figure!

    Dorcas, 33 years old


    She was taking Matcha Slim for 92 days

    Outcome: -61 lb


American scientists finally found a simple and convenient way to lose weight without changing your lifestyle. They developed a drink formula called Matcha Slim that tastes like ordinary tea yet includes matcha green tea extract to actively absorb fat and breaks it down, removing all waste and toxins from the body. Excess weight lost without reducing breast size. Matcha Slim speeds up metabolism and decreases appetite, allowing you to lose weight gradually each week without additional physical exercises or dietary limitations.

High-quality composition - lose weight quickly and safely!

  • Matcha green tea extract

    Contains antioxidants, catechins, chlorophyll, theophylline, riboflavin, and L-theanine. Promote rejuvenation, remove toxins, reduce body fat, and increase stamina.

  • Taurine

    Taurine contributes to lipid metabolism, helps reduce appetite, removes excess fluid from the body; accelerates metabolism; and provides energy.

  • Citric acid extract

    Binds and eliminates toxins, salts and excess water, accelerates metabolism, promotes safe weight loss, improves intestinal function, and increases immunity.

How to drink Matcha Slim?

  • Add a teaspoon of Matcha Slim to 150 ml of hot water

  • Stir well until dissolved.

  • Enjoy the unique flavor of this emerald-colored drink!


  • Transforms fat into energy, gives vitality
  • Reduces appetite and negates hunger
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Cleanses the body of waste and excess fluid
  • Produces dopamine (hormone of happiness)


  • Day 1

    You wake up in the morning feeling fresh and rested

  • Day 5

    Your body works in slimming mode, you start losing fat

  • Day 10

    You feel happy, some weight loss, you wear clothes 1 size less

  • Day 21

    Your body is rejuvenated, body mass is reduced, extra pounds are gone

  • Day 28

    You have lost a lot of weight, you wear sexy tight clothes - you feel great and look super!


  • USA

  • Israel

900 people who were 22-88 lbs overweight took part in the study

  • Volume reduction 11-16 cm

  • 17-35 lb weight loss

  • No heartburn or heaviness in stomach

  • Sleep well and increase efficiency

  • Reduction of edema and cellulite


Matcha Slim is one step FROM DREAM TO RESULT! Some of the 2350 stories from happy customers

  • New clothes, new outlook, and new boyfriend!

    Anna 30 years old, Cape Town

    I'm only 30 years old, but until recently weighed over 176 lbs. I also have a lot of stomach problems, therefore not all diets are suitable for me. It is difficult to find quality diet products in our small town. I've never been into sports - I just don't like to exercise. But everything changed when I found Matcha Slim - a once-a-day drink that tastes like my favorite tea. The manufacturer also recommends drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. I was following all the instructions for a month and saw the results! It's really amazing. I’m feeling great, shopping for new smaller size clothes, and even getting interested in dating again…this is the start of a whole new me and a whole new life. Maybe I’ll continue taking Matcha Slim – after all, it tastes so great and I really want this great feeling to last.

  • With Matcha Slim it couldn’t be easier

    Margaret 30 years old, Johannesburg

    After my third child, I couldn't get back into shape. Hanging hips, fat legs, paunch ... but there was nothing I could do. I had little free time ... Diets are difficult because I am allergic to almost everything, and also I am breastfeeding. I heard about Matcha Slim on TV - a miraculous drink that could eliminate excess fat in just a month. How?! I was pretty skeptical: one cup a day to easily lose weight? But I was curious, all natural and the comments were positive. In a week I felt the first changes. I gained energy, my sleep improved. In two weeks I weighed myself and couldn't believe my eyes! I had shed a couple of pounds! I could put on my pre-pregnancy jeans! Now I know how to get back in shape after pregnancy.

  • The scale can't cheat - 39 lbs. less!

    Carole 34 years old, Durban

    Until I was 27, I was slim - I felt pretty good and fit. But years went by and hormones changed and I lost the desire to exercise, and then started eating too much and too badly as well. And weight gain of course. Then my friend brought me Matcha Slim. I took it daily and drank more water too. Just a month later, I could fit into clothes two sizes smaller! I feel confident and energetic! My skin looks younger. I feel 10 years younger and so happy!

  • Pre-pregnancy weight in just a month

    Hellen 26 years old, Cape Town

    I was overweight with fat folds after giving birth, as well as varicose veins. So no gym. But how could I lose those extra pounds without exercising? I was eating healthy, but it wasn't helping. One day I overheard about a tea-flavored soluble drink - moms were arguing whether it was a hoax, because I couldn't believe that just a cup of tea a day could deliver weight loss. But I am SO GLAD I tried it!!! I lost all my pregnancy weight in just a month. I keep on taking Matcha Slim because I just want to look better and better and feel happier and happier! I’ve recommended it to all the moms at playgroup too!


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Losing weight with Matcha Slim is delicious and effective

Help your body shed those extra pounds!

Discount of up to 50%

12200 KES 6100 KES*

* Please note: the VAT rate may vary depending on the laws of the country from which you order. Our sales/customer service team will be in touch to assist with details.

  • Absorbs fat and converts into energy
  • Eliminates waste and toxins from body
  • Suppresses appetite and provides energy
  • Removes excess fluid from body
  • Produces dopamine (hormone of happiness)
We only ship 250 orders per day
  • Composition
  • Full effect of health improvement

Remaining 30 Special price